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    The company is a professional for mold, tool steel and machinery processing industry to provide complete sets of CNC machine tool manufacturer cutting program. To improve productivity, quality and stable and durable performance as a criterion to win customer satisfaction and recognition. Products are mainly related to: gantry machining centers, CNC milling machine, gantry milling machine, gantry grinder, double side CNC milling machine, precision milling machine (milling machine), plane Finishing, precision surface grinder, horizontal open boxes and other products. Our team is committed to high-end CNC machine tools development, production, sales, we pay attention to every detail, careful with ev...

  • Single column milling machine+
  • CNC lathe+
  • CNC double side grinder+
  • CNC double side milling machine+
  • glass machine+
  • glass chamfering
  • glass cnc
  • Non-standard automation equipment+
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